Logic Pro X Environment - MIDI interface communication



I've got a midiBeam USB-midi interface and when I blow in my EWI, the IFW's knob answer, (IFW is a plugin for the EWI) but in the environment this MIDI interface it's not connected to anything.
I tried same interface and same plugin in Mainstage the IFW plugin and this midiBeam works well. So I think the problem is with Logic Pro X 10.3.3. I tried this midi interface on other MAC and same IFW version, but the problem does not occur. The plugin isn't suitable for midi learning, but it is not connected with midi interface.

What do you think? I tried delete this midi interface in Audio/midi setup, I rewrite this interface firmware, I tried with old IFW, but the bug is still.

I've been using this setup about two years and so far everything has been fine.

Here is two videos from that problem.



The problem was: In the control surfaces section, the Logic leart that Midi interface send a message. I delete all in Controll Assignments. :)
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Peter Ostry

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Controller Assignments are stored in a file:
(The suffix .cs stands for "Control Surfaces")

If you delete this file or move it out of the folder, all custom assignments are gone and Logic makes a new file. Basically the same as deleting assignments manually. You can also copy this file and store it as a backup. Even different setups are possible with this method.
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