Logic Pro 9 Environment: Multi-Instrument/Patches



I followed the tutorial by SFLOGICNINJA on setting up external multi instruments. I have a question about the patches and banks. I have 568 sounds on my external instrument. When I create a Multi-Instrument in the environment and open the patch list I only see 128 slots for Program Names. How can I enter all the sounds in my multi-instrument I created in the environment. Thanks in advance.

Colin Shapiro

Depending on what hardware you have, you need to set up extra banks with custom bank change messages. For a synth like the JV2080 which can have lots of extra cards with sound banks, you may even need to set up 2 Multi-instruments to handle all the patch names.

You'll see there's a pop-up menu for selecting banks 0-14, so that's 15x128 = 1920 patch names. That's a good start......


Thanks so much for your help. I have everything setup and it works great but I have one more question on this topic is there a way to categorize the patches. All the programs are lumped together by LSB/MSB. I wanted to know if there is a way to have a category:
Power Grand
Bright Piano

Chorus EP
80th Boost .. etc

Thanks in advance for your response

Colin Shapiro

I don't know of a way to do this for a JV1080/2080. You can obviously re-arrange all the patches in Internal memory but the card patches are fixed.

Lots of Softsynths have browsers (eg Native Instruments, Spectrasonics etc) which allow for searching according to various criteria, but to do this for hardware, you'd have to use a workaround. Maybe keep a text file of all the patches which you could then search/categorize as you wish.