Logic Pro 8 Environment playback objects behavior...


It is known that during play Logic hides the output note OFF messages in the environment monitors if they are patched after a standard instrument, arpeggiator etc... If try to kill some long touch track note with external note OFF, you have a live auditioning which works O.K, but if try to record, then the Logic sequencer records long sustain notes until the real touch tracks note off. I.e the Sequencer Input gives privileges for the hidden live play objects notes off. This not happens if you have direct cabling to the Instrument.
I tried to break this down using IAC, as it is known that lots of the environment limitations are solved when the messages are sent out of Logic and loop back to it, so the hidden notes OFF are properly shown in the second pass, though there is some small problems note cuts.
Is there some workaround with out using IAC ?