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I am an EWI player. I'd like that in environment:

If I blow normal, I play with one instrument, than I blow harder the MIDI send to two instrument.

For example CC2 between 0-100 send to one Instrument, CC2 between 101-127 send to two instrument.

I try it, but the sounds don't go through it. If I change CC1 with modulation, Is it functioned.
I attach the project that I try it. When I play and set the modulation, the second instrument is hangs. :-(


  • Ewi_Breath Splitter.logicx.zip
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Two problems.

1. Your Cable Switcher is listening to CC1 in its Input Definition. Either change that to the CC you're sending, or change what you're sending to CC1 in the two Transformers (which you could replace with one using a map for extra elegance points)

2. Note Ons and Note Offs are treated separately, so there will be cases where you play Inst2 because CC2 is high enough, but by the time you stop the note, CC2 is too low for that Note Off to reach Inst2 so those notes will hang. I would solve this by extracting the Note Offs directly after the Physical In and patch them into both instuments directly, so they never can get lost.
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Peter Ostry

Staff member
I think it is not the best idea to do this on a MIDI basis alone. From my experience this doesn’t provide enough control.

Rather have the two (or more) instruments online all the time, adjust their behavior in their settings and control their volume fader or any gain plugin and/or filter with your CC1/CC2/Pitchbend. For easiest handling collect the instruments in a summing track stack.
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