Logic Pro 9 Environments Needed 4 Roland A90-EX, Triton-Rack, Motif-Rack, Emu XL-1, Emu B-3, etc.


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I am new to Logic and need to get my studio back up and running MIDI-wise. Now that Logic has made it's midi platform more pliable to real world creativity, I chose to purchase it again for the second time. If you have environments for any of the following Modules, please contact me. If you need any of the environments I have secured, contact me as well.

Roland A90-EX Needed
Yamaha Motif-Rack Needed
Korg Triton-Rack Needed
Emu B-3 Needed
ENSONIQ MR-Rack w/ cards Needed
Emu XL-1 Needed
Alesis QS8 w/ cards Needed

Roland XV-5080 Secured
Roland JD-990 Secured
Roland JV-1080 Secured
Emu Planet Phatt Secured
Korg X5DR Secured