Logic Pro 9 EQ causes Freezeup


2.0 mac mini, 8 gb ram
7200 rpm hd,
logic 9, 32bit mode

Recorded 8-10 tracks, some virtual instruments, some audio and creating aux tracks for verbs and echo, I started the EQ process by opening the preset EQ and click on the analyzer. Immediately all input (mouse, keyboard) fails. Song continues to playback. After 10-12 seconds it takes input but 2-3 clicks, freezes again.

Does it every time - 64 bit mode also.

I'm not all that schooled on Aux tracks and Busses but if I create an Aux for the EQ will that make it more efficient .

Advice pls?



That's really strange... Maybe check your activity monitor for some clue of what's happening.

If nothing useful comes out, try the log.

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Mtn Lion,
9. 12? Not ear it, latest upgrade.

Reading other blogs, sounds like mtn lion is problematic.
Indeed, Mtn Lion is known to cause audio issues to many users. However, I think that the latest Logic version is 9.18, which is supposed to address some of these issues.
Also, try selecting an empty audio track (with nothing instantiated on) before issuing a play or record command...


Thanks, I'm up to date on software so it's 9.18 or whatever.

Activity onto show nothing oddly. But equally as odd, after opening activity monitor the EQ was more responsive longer - didn't freeze until I changed several settings instead of the usual 2-3 clicks in.

Yesterday I started a new song, simple drum loop, audio tracks, (bass, lead gtr, rhy gtr) added virtual B-3, and a vox track. Layed down a 12 bar blues song then played round with the verbsnd EQ. Not nearly as glitchy as previous. I was a able to do a ham-handed EQ on all tracks and send them to verb on Bus 1 and for the most part, no probs with the EQ settings. Ocassionally the mouse clicks were a tiny bit laggy but it may be mouse related.
I did notice that with this song my CPU and HD status bars never redlined. The song i was have freeze probs typically "lived" in or close to the red. Likely I have something enabled or redundant that is eating up CPU power.

I usually assume user error.


Hmmm... interesting. Even with very loaded sessions, EQing with the logic Eq has never been a problem for me on many differents computers in the last years.

What are your VIs?
I once had one session though where the cpu would stand near 75% all the time and would cause some lag. There was 1 VI eating part of it and some bug in a melodyne plugin that would cause the other part. I bounced them and was free again.

Do you have an external hard drive to record to or store your VI, that could help you.
Otherwise, there's the classic disable spotlight hint.

Maybe you could open the console (applications>utilities>console) try to have it freeze and then investigate what process could have hit a wall and always keeping an eye on Activity Monitor's hd activity and cpu activity. (you can put one of them as the icon in your dock via the view menu.) You should be able to nail what causes problems to your system. Keep us posted.


I'm using Apple drum kit (Studio tight I think) and the Apple evb3 Hammond setting.
I have logic installed on my 7200 rpm internal Hd, and some assorted plugins on an external but I don't think any are being used with this song. It's all pretty vanilla. Probably 15 tracks open, some are muted alternate takes. Against my instincts I am using Apple amp models rather than mic'ing an amp. Again, pretty vanilla.


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This has been an ongoing problem for many. I have the latest version of Logic running on Lion and it regularly refuses inputs while playing back. It will be fine for awhile, but as the session gets on it will start to show sluggish response to inputs while in play mode and eventually it will just refuse inputs and play to the end of the song. The last update did not fix it. Most people seem to think it has something to do with the Logic EQ but it seems that there is no direct correlation to anything. Been a problem for at least a year for me...