Logic Pro 9 Error- End of file length reached??


I just recently installed Logic 9.1 & I've had this message pop up a couple of times when I'm recording audio ( guitar tracks)

It starts with me recording guitar tracks: I can see the waveform being drawn while tracking but when I hit stop, the region LOOKS blank. The audio is there but I can't see any wave form. Then by about the 3rd pass, i get that error:
"Logic has reached end of file length." Or something to that effect.
Anyone have a clue? I fixed permissions on my HD but that didn't help.

I'd appreciate it if anyone had advice.

Logic 9.1 (running in 32 bit mode)
iMac 2.33 GHz core 2 duo / OSX 10.5.8
2 GB Ram
Metric Halo 2882 2d interface