Logic Pro 8 Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI.

I keep getting this error, and I have no idea where to even start to find the problem:

Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI.

The recording in question only has 6 tracks in it.
You did not provide us with any info on your system. That message has to do with the sync window settings. It may mean your sample rate setting in Logic does not match the sample rate setting in your hardware, or you may just have to change a few settings. Maybe mention what hardware you have, and whether your tracks are MIDI, software instruments or Audio. What sample rate is your hardware set for? Is MIDI integrated into your audio interface?
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OK. I'm running Logic 8.0.2. I have a new MacBook Pro, 15", 2.4 GHz Intel i5, with Mac OS 10.6.4. Interface is an Apogee Duet.

4 of the tracks are software instruments; one of the track is an audio drum loop.
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Juan is correct. I used to get this problem and realized the sample rate of Logic and the sample rate of my computer did not match. I set them both to 48,000k and everything was fine after that.
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OK. Well now I've gotten it to play.

But I'm having another issue. When I quit the program, I get a dialog box like this:


What in the world is that all about? I mean, there is no such user on my computer, that I'm aware of.
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I've got no idea. It mentions ReWireDLL, but as far as I know Macs don't recognize dlls. I think it's probably a problem with your ReWire installation.

Maybe it's searching for that user and not finding the file it needs.
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