Logic Pro X ES 2 old sound

Lost old sound.
Been thinking about doing some re-recording of old material for a long time.
Did a recording in 2004 and at that time I used Logic 5.5 I think and one of the sounds I'm pretty sure was a sound in Logic's ES 2 instrument. If I recall correctly (which I'm probably not) the name was something with "vector...." . I'm also pretty sure I used the stock sound without doing much of tweaking
Now using Logic Pro X and trying to find that sound again, I had hoped that the sounds in es2 were the same as back then :) But I can't find what I'm looking for. Looking through all es 2 and es 1 and other virtual instruments I know was in Logic back in the days.
Have the sounds changed in es 2 or is my memory just cheating me?

Anyone recognise the sound?
You can hear the sound from 21 seconds in to the song (the synth sound).

Did a post in kvr forum asking about Korg Triton VST, we used the Triton a lot on these recordings. Still no VST for that that even though the M1 vst is a little bit like that.
Well. Long post. :)

With an ES2 inserted in the instrument slot, click to the left of it which turns the gray Library focus triangle blue and opens the Library.

In the Library Sounds search slot, enter "vector" which brings up all presets with that word in the name. It sounds like Vector Groove is similar to the sound in the song. Select any of the presets in the Library to load and play them.

If you click to the left of the Settings button, a couple of sounds with vector in the title also appear.


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Thanks for the answer!
That was a very great way of searching sounds which I didn't knew about! Perfect!
And the Vector Groove sounds like it but not exactly. Maybe I layered it with another sound.
I will continue to work on it :)
Any one now if the es 2 and es 1 and those synths are exactly as they were years ago or have the sounds been updated?

Many thanks for the searching tip!