Logic Pro 9 ES-M bug


I was working with a kick loop and a bass line using ES-M and discovered that if I open the filter too much, the audio in Logic would simply cut out.

I made a tiny Logic Pro session with the loop and a programmed automation sweep of the filter. I am hoping that maybe one or two people might take a second to download it and test it to see if this issue happens on their system as well.

The link is here:

Additional info: When I posted this file it would do this 100% of the time, and now it's not.

Logic Pro 9.1.3 32 bit, Mac OS 10.6.5


Hey George,

I just downloaded it and ran it. I let it loop about ten times and it seemed to play perfectly. There was no audio cutting out.

I know the symptom you are describing. It usually happens to me with third party plug-ins (IK Multimedia T-Racks and sometimes Vintage Warmer) but not consistently.
Thanks Eli,

Yea, I have seen it before, and was surprised to see it in one of Logic' own VI's. Very strange though: I couldn't get it to play back even 1 time correctly, and as soon as I posted it, I couldn't get it to cut out again, and it worked fine all night since.

Plus it was 1 voice only, and as the filter opened up, it would just cut out...

Thanks for taking a look.


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No problem here. It was a little hot a the output. I added vintage warmer to the mix and it was still ok.


Peter Ostry

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Depends on your view. If you see the developer in the next room as third party, it could be a 3rd party bug ;)