Logic Pro 9 ES2 - How to use Ctrl A,B,C and 16GP1?


One thing I've never been sure about with the ES2 is the Ctrl A,B at the bottom and how to use them properly? I gather these are to do with with midiCCs?

How do you incorporate Ctrl A, Ctrl B, Ctrl C, I assume they would be used in the modulation router?

If you press the button below each one you get a list of midicc, 1 = Mod Wheel, 4 = Foot etc But what do 16GP1 and 17GP2 actually do?
From the manual:
MIDI Controllers A-F
MIDI controllers available in the mod matrix are named Ctrl A-F and can be assigned to arbitrary controller numbers (via the MIDI Controllers Assignment menus at the bottom of the ES2 interface).
Download: Logic Instruments and Effects
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