Eucon doen't work after vers. 8 !


My Logic 9 (and all the following 8.xx versions) crashes upon loading the Eucon files at start up ! Only version that works is 8.0 (the CD release version)
That's ok, I can still work but I don't get the benefits of the updates and of version 9 ! To get it to run I have to uninstall all the Euphonix stuff .. really strange ! anyone has this too ?


yeah, I know, it works great on my MacBook, I just have this issue on my MacPro.
I was just wondering if some change in coding was introduced after 8.0 which seems to block my DAW .. anyways .. thanks !


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Hi everyone, I am new here so forgive me for being ignorant:

I finally (+/-4 years delay) went from Logic 8.0.2 to 9.1.7 after having had just too many crashes with LP8: "Logic Pro quit unexpectedly while using the libEuConDLL.dylib plugin" was an alltimer. Clean re-install and trashing prefs of both Logic and EuCon never did help. Still running on OSX 10.6.8 (and therefor Logic 9 starts up in 32-bit mode) out of fear for more 3rd party plugin incompatibility issues with latest Snow Lion. (I am keen on a system that works, rather than upgrading out of need or principle). Now with the installation of Logic 9.1.7 a new problem pops up: the need for minimum EuCon built 65916. This means I simply can't use the MC Control. I have sent a msg. to Avid tech support (but I heard they don't follow up too eagerly). Also have doublechecked versions: EuCon 2.6.2, MC_Client and Studio Monitor Express 2.6.2, next to a firmware update somewhere in 2011. I am currently browsing various forums for anwsers, but so far no go. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Help highly appreciated!