Logic Pro 9 Euphonix midi ports?

Hi All,

I have a Euphonix MC Transport connected to a MacPro and will be setting up the MC Mix today. I've been having some odd midi problems in Logic 9. I've gone back to using L9.0.2 because L9.1 is not stable for me. I opened L9.1. and all of my clicks and ports cabling had disappeared from my template!

In the clicks and ports layer in the Environment, Euphonix midi ports 1 - 4 are showing up as it also is in the Audio / Midi Utility. Since the MC series is ethernet based, I'm surprised by this. I guess this is normal?

Judith Gruber-Stitzer
FWIW I too use the MC Transport and also see the Euphonix midi channels. I'm assuming normal. Sorry to hear about your lost cabling etc...
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