Logic Pro 9 EVB3 Drawbar Assign Akai MPK61

Hi, I'm trying to assign the upper manual drawbars on the EVB3 to work with the sliders on my Akai MPK61.

With the NI organ I just control click the fader (select learn from pop-up menu) and then move the fader, but I can't figure out how to do this with the EVB3. Tried the manual but it seems to only offer solutions for a limited selection of keyboards.

Clicking or control-clicking on any parameter in learn mode does nothing and when I click on a drawbar in learn mode then move a fader, it just continues to control the parameter it was originally assigned to. In the case of the first slider its the "morph" function.

From the manual:

To learn a controller
Choose -Learn- from the CC pop-up menu of the respective parameter.
When this setting is active, the parameter is assigned to the first appropriate incoming MIDI data message.
Move the desired controller.

I don't understand "the CC pop-up menu of the respective parameter" . I can only see one place where I can select learn and it doesn't seem to be in relation to a specific parameter. This is in the aqua field below the drawbar preset buttons (Upper Preset Morph/Range/MidiCC/Save to). As I mentioned, I'm used to being able to control click a parameter to select learn via a pop-up menu, and that seems to be what the manual is describing. However I can't get any pop-up menus this way.

Also, if I select "Midi cc: Touch" the same slider that was altering the morph function now controls the 5th drawbar on the lower manual.

Assuming I can figure out how to assign the correct drawbars to the sliders of my choice I will then have another question... When its set to touch and the slider is controlling one of the (wrong) drawbars, I notice that it seems to be in reverse. So when I pull the slider towards me like a drawbar on a real organ, the drawbar on the screen pushes away from me (lowers the volume of that drawbar). Is there any way to reverse this? I'm used to playing a real Hammond so having the drawbars working in reverse will really mess with me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, as I mentioned, I believe I've tried what the manual suggests and it doesn't seem to work. I'd love to hear suggestions as to where I'm going wrong.

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