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Hi there
I have a strange thing here. I am final-mixing an album that was opened last time in 2008. Everything opens as expected and apart from a few plugins which have left the building everything works but....Event float doesn't work, it's there but the display is missing meaning it's only half the size in height of a normal event float. I have of course clicked it off and on again but it simply doesn't work. It's not a big deal but if anybody know what can possibly be wrong I would like to know.
The album, I'm told, was started on Logic windows (3.5 probably) so it's really an old project which makes strange behaviour understandable :)

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Pete Thomas

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I think the behaviour has changed. The event float now is just a single line so is a fixed height that only accomodates one line.

It should not be empty though if an event is currently selected, that is what should show there.


Perhaps a long shot, but maybe try the project import function with a new empty project template.
Suggesting this if the project is corrupt in someway.
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That would probably work but since it's a relatively small deal with the window and a big deal with keeping everything else in the project I guess I will just have to do without the Event Float in this ancient project.

Thanks for the replies