Logic Pro 9 EVP88 control problem


How do I change the midi controller receive on the EVP88 so that the modulation wheel controls 'phase speed' rather than its' default destination 'tremelo depth' ?
Cable a monitor object to the output of the EVP 88 channel strip in the Environment and move the phase speed control so that you can see exactly what parameter is controlling it currently.

Once you determine that, set up a transformer in your clicks and ports layer of the Environment between the Physical Input and the Sequencer Object. Set the conditions row of the Transformer to "see" the incoming modulation wheel message ( CC 01 I believe). And then set the Operations row to transform it to the message needed to control the phase speed. And that should do it.

Once you determine that it works, it's a good idea to set a cable switcher up before that Transformer so that you can quickly and easily toggle your modulation wheel's behavior between normal and the converted state.
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