Logic Pro 9 EX PT user (work flow) selecting more than one track



First of all thanks to everyone that helped me on my last post! This forum is awesome!

The trouble I'm having is moving more than one track at a time in the arrangement window. Is there a way I can select more than one track in the arrangement window. I'm not talking about moving regions, but actually selecting more than one channel and moving it. I import a lot of wave files in for mixing and when I'm trying to put things in order I'd like to be able to select and move more than one track at a time. Also this would help if I wanted more than one track to have the same icon. I could select more than one track and then give the group the icon I wanted. Thanks again for all of the help you guys have been giving me!

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We have been asking Apple for this ability for years but no luck so far. The best workaround I know of is to pack the tracks into a folder, move the folder, and then unpack it.
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