Export All Tracks as Audio Files ?


Just curious what other folks are doing with arrangements that use many or all software instruments:
1. Do you export with each track at the volume level in the mix?

2. Or do you put the volume fader at 0.0 to get the maximum signal.

The first option would make it easy to export (convert) software instruments to audio; then import those audio tracks into a new project with the mix levels already set.

The second option would be better for archiving the project.

I'm asking this question because I got out of the habit of bouncing software instrument tracks to audio, probably due to laziness.:rolleyes:
usually, i export the file dry with no effect and volume under 0.0, i advice you to take all your channels to - 3 it will be much better sound and you'll have plenty of space to compress it.

USE LOGIC INSTRUMENTS you are probably using very heavy Vst's
Good advice.

Your recommendations are in line with #2 above. Better for archiving and having optimal flexibility with the tracks later on.

Here's a video we've just done about that! :)


What do you think?:D
Hi, when I try to export from Logic, the File - Export menu does not have the "export all tracks as audio" option that I see in most videos. So I need to take one track at a time using the 'File - Export - Region as audio file' option.

Has anyone else had this problem? Not sure if I'm doing something wrong........

Thanks in advance!