Logic Pro 9 Export and Bounce - What do they do?


I had a couple of bounces that didn't sound right, so I started a series of tests to see what was going on.

Here's what I did.

1. Drag a mono test wave (.wav) into an empty project. Select it, export it, drag it back into the project, invert it in the waveform editor, bounce the two track mix (all mixer settings at unity). Load the bounced mix into DSP-Quattro. Result is digital silence.

2. Do it again with a stereo file. Same result, digital silence.

3. Repeat test 1, but bounce the single track mix instead of export. Result is digital silence.

4. Repeat test 3 with a stereo file. Result is a file with low level signal at about -40 db

I did each test in a new project, made sure things like normalizing were off, test waves and bounces are all 24 bit 44.1 interleaved wave files. I repeated this three times and got the same result. The same 4 tests in Digital Performer all resulted in digital silence.

Any suggestions or comments?
If you invert a sound and mix it with itself, the result should be silence. I was getting silence with Export, but not with Bounce. It was because one applies the Pan Law and one doesn't.
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It does make sense. And you have actually answered a question I Have been asking myself for long. How to create silence. You can't imagine how cool that is. When you mean invert, you mean that low frequencies and high frequencies shape have been swapped, right? Much like a painting upside down facing one normal position
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Don't know what you mean by swapping high and low frequencies. What I did is called a null test. You can see if two files are identical by inverting one of them (i.e. phase inversion). Then mix it with the other files, and if they are the same they will sum to silence.
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