Logic Pro 9 Export Audio to movie issue

I am having this temperamental issue when I export audio to movie:

The audio in the newly created movie is just one long very very loud buzz. -If I am checking mix levels with headphones on it will blow my ears off kind of thing. :redface:

This happens approximately 50-75% of the times I use this feature.

Does anyone have any suggestions or is anyone else encountering this problem.

I am using Logic 9.1.5. in 32 bit mode on a 2010 mac mini running Lion 10.7.1.

Any tips greatly appreciated.


Doug Zangar

I use this feature regularly without a hiccup (in 32 bit mode, of course) but I'm not in Lion. Perhaps someone using Lion can comment..


I have very recently had a band in who live tracked while videoing it. After the session we mixed the track and replaced the sound from the camera. I had no problems doing that using the same setup as you except I run it on a 2010 MacPro.
I have only done this once and I wasn't aware that the latency compensation didn't work with movies so I exported it a number of times. If the fail rate is up to 75% I must have either been extremely lucky or I don't have that problem here :)
I'm guessing this is a random lion issue. It normally works when I try a different setting ie. from normal to better or best. But that could also be random?
Hey thanks. I really am thinking this is a lion issue. The error seems to happen whatever resolution I use.
I appreciate your posting though!


I also used best and remember that I didn't have the issue (also using Lion). If it is Lion it's not a simple bug because then everybody else would experience it too.
Of course far from everybody has upgraded yet so it's not like a overwhelming amount of people can contribute here but I would consider if it could be something else. It usually is when two people with similar setups don't experience the same results.


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Hi Felix,

just to be sure, did you try to export to an uncompressed QuickTime movie (MOV) file? Normally, if all fails, uncompressed files with standard 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz should play fine.