Logic Pro 9 Export "favourite" Apple Loops to use them on 2. Computer?


Dear people on this forum,

on my MacBook Pro I created my "favourite" Apple Loops in the Audio Bin for my first Logic-Install.

How to use these "favourites" for my second Logic-Install on my iMac "without" selecting and clicking all these samples again?

It would take too much time to do this.

Only to make it clear:
Only the "favourite list" is needed, not the samples. They are the same on both systems.

Greetings from Germany

I have the same problem and I fear that there is no way to update or migrate the files from one computer to another. I also had to reindex my apple loops and lost my favorites that way, too.
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Found the solution.

Hi Marcus,

Many of your preferences for Logic, including your loops marked 'favourites' are stored in your logic preferences file:

You can find this in the following location:
Home Folder/Library/Preferences/

1. Quit Logic on your MBP.
2. Copy the file above to a USB stick
3. Make sure logic is not running on your iMac.
4. Insert USB stick into iMac and copy the file to the correct location.

Hope that helps
Perhaps helpful for all here...
Problem solved.:)
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