Logic Pro 9 Exporting Apple Loops Favorites


Does anyone know if there's a way to export Apple Loops favorites? I have 2 workstations and switch between the 2, working on the same Logic project. I'd like to export my Apple Loops favorites to the 2nd workstation.

I've heard that this might not be possible. Say it ain't so?


Judith Gruber-Stitzer
The Apple Loops favorite checkbox is completely useless the way it is implemented. Which is too bad because it is a great feature if it would have been implemented correctly. Of course you can use it by flagging loops and finding them again later.


Imagine you spend hours and hours over a few month flagging all your favorites and one day your Logic preference file get corrupted and you need to trash it --- #&^%@#% --- All your favorite Loops settings are gone.

The developer made that bonehead move to store the favorite information into the, yes you guessed it, into the Logic preference file. How smart is that. No import, no export, no retrieval, nada.

So, to answer your question, you could technically move one set of favorites to another machine by simply copying the preference file, which is not recommended. But merging two sets - no. (maybe you are adventures guy and want to use Plist Editor to copy and paste the part of the code for the favorites from one preference file to another. You can actually see that info when you open the preference file.
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Bonehead move is right!

I suppose one could take a screenshot of their favorites as a visual reference to more or less quickly reconstruct them.

But that's still a pitiful state of affairs.

Rumor has it that the number one new feature in Logic 10 is the capacity to export AL Favorites. :hippy:
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I'd rather see a 9.1.2 version first with all the major leftover bugs/omissions (Export Audio to Movie).

It looks like Apple is falling back to its old routine of pretending that nobody works at Logic anymore. The last update was March. Maybe there will be something soon to support the new 12core toys that gonna ship sometime this month.
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