Logic Pro 9 Exporting Audio From Aux Problem


Hi all -

I've just finished scoring a movie, and am attempting to use this method: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3650 in order to efficiently export my stems (strings / brass / synths) etc....

However instead of working as it should, the resulting audio file from the aux is not how it sounds in the project, but just one of the tracks running through it - and also dry; none of the processing that is sitting on the buss as inserts has been applied. Tried lots of things - making a new bus, deactivating plugins on it, soloing tracks etc but to no avail. I thought I would see what would happen if I muted out the track which is the only instrument in the exported bus stem - and oddly enough now a different instrument (again dry) is in the stem which wasn't there previously, but not all the others which should be!

Really frustrating, and can't seem to get to the bottom of it - also can't find anyone else having the same problem!

Btw - I realise I could bounce stems in realtime, biut was hopig to use this method (if it works!) should be quicker and a more efficient way of working...

I'll look forward to any thought if anyone can help!
Just as an update - this happens on multiple sessions - using different plugins / instruments and even on another system I have (transferring session across and attempting to export)...
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I usually render stems within the session itself, routing the output of aux tracks (or sub mixes as I call them) to the input of new stereo tracks. This way you can hear exactly what is being captured, and troubleshoot if needed.

Bouncing stems can be tricky business esp. if your mix has a lot of them, and also too if you are sharing reverbs between stems. The best thing to do is make sure all of your tracks and send effects are routed to the same aux track. If you have have shared reverbs between different instruments, then you need to duplicate the reverb and route it to it's own bus channel for each of the tracks that share that reverb.

Setting up aux tracks for stems can be frustrating if you are doing it after a finished mix. My preferred strategy is to set up the aux tracks/sub mixes as I go, knowing that i'll be bouncing stems at the end.
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Thanks for your reply Mejon!

Yup...it certainly can be a tricky business.

My reason for wanting to do the stems 'offline' using export to audio is I have a lot of tracks, and am pretty certain bouncing in realtime will produce ' disk not fast enough' type errors.. also if I need to do this for each cue in the film (and possibly if not fast enough, a few passes on each cue) it could be very time consuming indeed... everything's going into protools so i'll be checking it at that end for any errors.

I did set all the sub mixes up as I went - all my reverbs etc are either within the instruments themselves, or as inserts on the sub-mix buses - and i'm not using any sends...

I may well end up going the real-time route - but would be great if I can get to the bottom of this in due course!

Thanks for your suggestions
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Do you just need to get your stems into Pro Tools? Or every individual track as well? Because if it is just a set of four or five stereo stems, you should be able to re-record that all at the same time, in real time, through aux tracks set as inputs of new audio tracks. Yes it is real time, but it is just one pass.

Unless you really do need to export all the individual tracks as well with processing. That's a different story.
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