Logic Pro 9 Exporting Audio Tracks to QuickTime Movies


Is this me or what?
I cannot find in the File menu, the Export Audio to Movie... item in Logic 9 (64bit version)?!?
I did a search in the Help of the software, and it is explained that feature like it used to be in Logic 8 !?!?!
After some testing, the feature shows in Logic 9 (32bit version)...
Was it moved somewhere else in Logic 9 (64bit version)?🙁
Am I missing something?
My version of Logic is the most recent one: v.9.15...
Any idea why Apple decided to downgrade the functionality when upgrading Logic to 64bits?

I don't think they "downgraded" the function so much as it couldn't be incorporated due to QT not being able to function in that mode. It's a problem with the QT software, not Logic.
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Yeah, it's not like Apple didn't give these 3rd party vendors plenty of notice about moving to 64 bit...... oh wait, this is an Apple product....:eeek:
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Good question - but you could also say it works in Logic in 64 bit mode, just not export audio and a few other features. So it appears not all the program works in 64 bit mode. FCX may have no need to use the export audio function or if they do, it doesn't work either. I bet the functions are identical in both programs.
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Maybe it's time to nag Apple with feature requests...
Anyone knows the link for their features requests page?
I've seen it posted on this list somewhere, I think...:confused:

I would also like to see the "Notator song files import" back!
It used to be in Logic 8, and now it's gone since 9 is out...:brkwl:

By the way, in the meantime anyone knows if it exist an app to convert or load old Notator "*.SON", or "*.PAT" or "*.SEQ" files created with the former Notator Logic (v.3xx). Or at least to convert them to MIDI file... This would save me from getting back my old Atari setup from the storage and hooked up to my current gear...
Really I would greatly appreciate!😀
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