Logic Pro Exporting/Importing MIDI Files Basics



First off, I am a novice to using audio recording software (Logic Pro X in particular) and I hope my question will not seem too silly. However, here goes:

I am recording a project utilizing both audio and MIDI tracks. I have set the length of all of my tracks to be the same. My question specifically is in regard to exporting/importing my MIDI tracks. When I send my MIDI tracks via an email attachment, and he opens them in his Logic software (he has Logic Pro 8), the MIDI track is not the same length as I had thought I had set it to be, and in fact the MIDI data starts playing immediately, rather than at, for example, 52 seconds into the song, where it should be playing. I also sent myself the same MIDI track via email, and ran into the same problem.

Again, I am a novice, and would appreciate any advice someone on the forum could give.

Here is my computer/software specs:

MacBook Pro
My audio interface is an M-Audio Fast Track Pro
My OS version is MAC OS X 10.8.5
My Logic version is Logic Pro X

Kind regards,
Try having your MIDI region start at the beginning of your project before exporting it as a MIDI file. Even if there is silence until well into the timeline, it will be useful in terms of exporting/importing properly.

In Logic X, you can just drag out the left corner of the region. Drag it back to the beginning of the project, and then try exporting it.
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