Logic Pro 9 Exporting/Importing Midi help!


hello everyone! I did a brief search and found a bit of info but I am still confused. my friend and I are both sort of new to Logic and he recently created a drum track inside logic via superior drummer and then later exported it to me.

when I went to dropbox and clicked to download the midi file he had shared it automatically opened up logic and on it's own created like 90 tracks of piano!!

when I clicked play it literally was trying to play a sampler piano.

i then when to the first track that was automatically created and turned off the piano and turned on superior drummer and clicked play and the drums played like they should for a couple of measures....until the midi information on that track was done and then when the next section came up on track two it was back to the piano etc....

is the problem due to something he did when he exported it to me or is the problem in what I need to do to get it play properly and be one single track instead of 90 tracks with bits and pieces on each track???

any help you folks wouldnt mind giving would be much appreciated.


I can't say for certain, but it sounds to me like he didn't merge his regions in his project before exporting them as a MIDI file.

If you are both using Logic, why doesn't he just send you the Logic project?
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