Logic Studio apps Exporting individual patches MS 2.2


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I've struck an annoying issue with MS 2.2 which someone might have a simple solution for? I have a folder for all my patches, saved individually, so when my band's setlist changes I can just drag in the patches I require for a particular show, in order. Problem is, after 'tweaking' these patches I want to drag them into the folder (Finder) window where the originals are, and NOT have them saved as a second patch with "-1" in the name. You can imagine how messy this can get after the 12th backup! For some reason the "a file by this name exists do you want to replace" dialogue doesn't come up when doing this 'patch drag' (copy) from Mainstage? I have a 'workaround' - save to a new separate folder - then drag from there to the original 'source' folder and bingo - the "replace or cancel" dialogue work - and of course I click "replace". But this is tedious. Anybody got an idea? BTW: same thing happens with my Nord Sound Manager.software.