Logic Pro 9 Exporting Issue with Logic 9


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I have been trying to export a project I recorded via "Export All Tracks to Audio File". I did 4 sessions all together and 3 of them exported fine with no issues but I have one that keeps getting me an error.

It keeps telling me "The read/write permission of only one access path to a file can allow writing: Result code = -49".

I've tried bouncing it to different folders as that was the only recommendation I was able to get from people at the Apple Discussion Board and that failed.

Anyone have any ideas because I need to export it so I can burn it to a DVD and mail it to get it mixed.

I'm using the new Logic Studio and have a Mac Mini w/ 4gb RAM running 10.6.2

I've posted at Harmony Central as well as a couple other forums and haven't had any luck yet. It is not a file permission issue as the file is set to both read and write.

Any ideas? This is an emergency!!!! :brkwl:
Well, if Export All Tracks isn't working, the "long way" is to try bouncing or exporting individual tracks. It may just be a single track that's keeping the "all tracks" functionality from working. It is slower, but if it's the only way that works, at least it will get done.

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This is what I'd do... Shotgun style.

Go to the session folder, get info and change the permissions so that everyone can read and write. use the pull down menu to apply permissions to all enclosed items. Randomly verify that the enclosed folders permissions actually did change, check a couple of audio files as well.

All this is assuming all the files are local. Logic can play files from a server without much problem, or do the Save a Copy as, and be sure you have Assets and all audio files checked. This will create a new session folder and copy all the audio files.
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like bobdemaa id either Save a Copy with assets checked or consolidate my session to get logic to put everything in the same path.. and try again.. failing that and given the emergency follow Orrens advice
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