Exporting Logic songs into Pro Tools?


Can someone please tell me the best way of putting Logic songs into Pro Tools, so that I can record vocals into Pro Tools?

I think i just need to export all tracks as audio files, then put them into Pro Tools. But will they all be tracked out, and line up just like they are in Logic? So the song sounds exactly the same?

Thanks so much I appreciate it!

uncle zz

New Member
We do it the other way around, but with Logic I have just bounced tracks one by one so that they all start and end at the same spot (using the loop tool), or with a full band recordings I just imported the Logic Audio Files folder contents to PT. We had to add short orchestra part on one song so I just bounced a mix from Logic, took it too ProTools studio, and after everything was recorded I exported the new tracks to HD and took them back to Logic.