Logic Pro 8 exporting single track as mono


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Can I export a track (not song) that has bad l/r balance in stereo out as a mono track that I can then re-insert into the project/song and adjust/mess with?
yes.. change the stereo symbol on the track ( at the bottom of the meter) to either left ( meaning it will only use the left side, or right, or mono..)


leave it as stereo and change the output 1-2 to a mono channel ( ie 1) and press the bnce button on the channel strip

NB: do not use the hot key for bounce with a mono output channel as this will in fact render a stereo file - i found that out the hard way 30 files later :-(

alternatively do a stereo bnce as a split file and then youll have a separate .l and .r to play with.. use "disconnect selected split audio file" from the audio bin to separate them

when you get the mono file into the session use :
a stereo sample delay
the stereo spreader
a stereo chorus ,flanger etc
or even the direction mixer to play with the image

or drag in two copies ( one for left, one for right) and process one differently from the other
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