Logic Pro 8 Exporting Tempo Map & Time Signatures


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I have not been able to export my tempo and time signature data from Logic Pro into Pro Tools. I need to have my bars and beats line up in Pro Tools corresponding to where they are in Logic Pro for an upcoming recording session.

I have tried exporting a MIDI file containing my piano track from Logic to Pro-Tools. But when Pro-Tools imports it, there is not any tempo data or time signature changes in the file.

Anybody have some solutions?

Thanks for your reply, David51. What's an OMS file? I know there are OMF files that can be used to export audio data into ProTools, but it is for audio only.

Would you mind clarifying?

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I answered this on Logic Pro Help.

IMHO, folks, it is wise to post this kind of question on only 1 forum and wait a little to see if you get a response before posting it on another.
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Thank you Mr. Asher, wise advice. I only just discovered that there had been a shift from MIDI to XML and I only have Logic EXpress 8 so I had never seen the OMS format before, thanks, now I know OMS has to do with audio only-but I will read up on it so as not to give posters a bad answer. dh-I don't know exactly what an OMS file is for-it may very well also be useful for audio in Logic. As Jay Asher pointed out posting on one forum and waiting usually brings relief sooner.
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