Logic Pro X Exporting the event list


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Hi all, does anybody have a way to export the event list data - all the positions in timecode of all the audio regions. Its for creating a cue sheet for a media project.

Thank you :)


  1. Create a track and put a MIDI region on it.
  2. Display the Marker track
  3. Select all the regions where you want timecode to apply
  4. Select "Create Markers from Regions" in the Marker track - click on the word Marker to get the menu
  5. Export all MIDI tracks as MIDI file

once you have the MIDI file you can get it turned in to text or whatever you need...

$ mf2t Six\ Strings\ \&\ Me\ -\ DM.mid
MFile 0 1 480
0 Meta 0x20 00
0 Meta SeqName "volume up"
0 Meta InstrName "Marker and Tempo info 1"
0 TimeSig 4/4 24 8
0 KeySig 0 major
0 SMPTE 0 0 0 0 0
0 Tempo 500000
0 Meta Marker "Acoustic 1 LDC_1"
280 Par ch=1 c=7 v=127
5760 Meta Marker "Mix_1"
18753 Meta Marker "Bass DI_1.2"
18794 Meta Marker "Bass Amp_1.2"
40807 Meta Marker "Kick In_1"
40810 Meta Marker "Kick Out_1"
40810 Meta TrkEnd

Optionally you can arrange to have the marker list open with the position in timecode displayed. Take a screenshot of the window....