Logic Pro X Exporting to mix in Protools


OK, so I can see that this will seem like sacrilege to some amongst us, but I need to export my work in Logic to mix in Protools. The reason is that the mix engineer i'm using is solely a Protools user, so I have to do it to suit him.

I have midi tracks and audio tracks, and I think I can figure out how to export them as individual wavs to import to Protools, but I also have some midi tracks that are Ultrabeat patterns, and for the mix process i'm wondering whether there's a way I can export the patterns so that each individual drum (kick, snare, hihat etc) can be exported as an individual wav file. That way it would be easier for the engineer to mix the individual instruments, so to speak.

Thanks for your help once again. This forum is keeping me going while I learn this brilliant piece of software.
Well, here's how I suggest you do it...

1) Make sure you have all your external midi devices set to a signal path where they are set as input x to bus X. So, input 1 to bus 1, input 2 to bus 2, etc.

2) Now take all your audio tracks and internal audio instruments (including Ultrabeat, which should be setup as a multi output device, and have each drum set to it's own output as well) and start to assign them to the next available buses.

3) Once you have completed assigning all your tracks to a bus, create as many new audio tracks as you need to be able to record all available buses, and make sure you assign the inputs on each track to be buses, starting from bus 1 and incrementally increasing for each new track. Make sure your "I" or input monitoring is turned on, so you can hear your tracks when you try and play back. If you fail to do this, as soon as you start playback, you will hear nothing...

4) here's a strange thing about Logic: you will need to remove each new bus that Logic made in the mixer window when creating the buses (remember to keep any effects buses though, you want to record their info to have a complete mix). They aren't needed to do this process, and they will double the volume of each track so your output levels will be overloading your master mix bus/output.

5) now, if you set this up, and have all your tracks set to input monitor, you should hear your current mix. If not, you have done something wrong.

If you can hear everything properly, you now have a decision to make: send the tracks with the levels you have now, or set all your tracks to record at the loudest possible levels (or select a level of say -3 or -6 as a base reference)

Once you have done these steps, press record, and record your parts to new tracks. Make sure you name each track with the name you want to file to have in Protools (or any other DAW for that matter). Once done you can go into your songs Audio folder, and have all your new tracks ready to send to protools. Make sure you select only the files that were just recorded, you can verify that if you check the "date created" in the file attributes.

One other way I check is to do this: make a new blank Logic song, make sure the sample rate is the same, and dump all your new audio files into it, using the "make new tracks" option when asked. You should then have a new song with all your proper tracks, hit play and you should hear your mix...

This method prints all effects and EQ settings you used. I always do this when I send a mix to someone.

If you don't want to do this, simply bypass all effects inserts before you bounce by option clicking on them in each track insert slot...

Well, I hope this long winded method is ok, it does work fine, and once you do it successfully, you will see just how easy it really is as well.