Logic Pro 8 Exporting Wave Files with Hyperdraw Edits


Is there a way to export separate wave files with hyperdraw edits? I know that I can bounce with them but is there any other way?


Sorry, I misread your question.

What's the issue with bouncing them which will include the region automation?
What type of automation? Volume and Pan can be included in Export.
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I have about 12 songs with automation. Each song has 6 to 10 tracks. I can bounce one track at a time but was hoping to find a way to do it all at once. Of course you know to bounce a song will make a mix of all the tracks.
I hope this makes sense.
Thank you!


In a song project, select all of the tracks.
File Menu>Bounce>Tracks in Place. You'll end up with discrete bounces per track.
Just make sure you've set the cycle range to the intended end point, otherwise it bounce empty space through to the Project End.
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When I open the Bounce window, I don't have the Tracks in Place.
I attached a photo so that you can see my choices.
I have Logic Pro 8.


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