Logic Pro 8 expresion pedal?


Im doing orchestrations and to make them sound more real im cres and decres the instruments in certain places, but my keyboard doesnt seem to have a way of connecting an expression pedal, so in order to get the instruments to have more expression im having to do it all manually by going into the Automation and adjusting all the volumes after i record the instruments. The keyboard im using is an old Technics PCM digital ensemble PR303 model, so i dont think there is a way of connecting an expression pedal to it.

Is there a way logic has an expression pedal option that can be used so that one can control the volume levels while they are actually playing the notes into the system?



Hope your keyboard has Pitch bend and Modulation wheels at least ?
Get my small complex Logic environment helper tool ( MW/PB Helper ), which is a part of my "Logic Essential Midi Helpers". There is a stand alone version of the tool in a separate Environment layer of the template song, so you can easy import this layer ( tool ) into other projects. Read the PDF Operation document included in the pack.

MW/PB Helper v1.0 - Download


Do i have to have a pitch bend wheel on my keyboard for this tool to work? I have a keyboard that has one, but the one im working on doesnt. I downloaded your MW/PB helper, and i see it, but im having trouble using it or seeing what it does. It may be because my keyboard doesnt have a pitch bend tool? I read the document, im just not sure how to make it work yet with my keyboard.

Peter Ostry

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There is no way around, you need a sort of controller to send controller messages.

This must not necessarily be a modulation or pitchbend wheel. Could be a pedal or a breath controller if the keyboard sends its MIDI messages out. Or connect both your keyboards and use a wheel/pedal/knob of the other one. Any continuous controller with a certain range can be used. The cheapest complete controller I know is the Korg nanoKONTROL.

If you want to build a controller yourself, look at the Doepfer "wheel electronic" or "pocket electronic" and connect any kind of potentiomenter with 10-100 k Ohm (pedal, poti, fader, joystick, whatever).

If you refuse to get a controller but want a zero-dollars solution, you can transform the notes of your second keyboard to controller messages in Logic and play glissandi with one hand instead of turning a wheel.

Or wear a yellow cap and use a camera and software to capture your movements and convert them to MIDI. There are thousands of other weird ideas out there. But I think you get the picture: Everything works that delivers a series of MIDI values but there must be "something".