Logic Pro 8 EXS 24 Instrument file not found woes


Hey y'all just installed Logic Pro studio on my new macbook pro...had installed it on my Mac pro desktop back in the states (currently deployed to Iraq) and it has a problem i didn't have before...alot of my strings are not loading due to the file not being found. Sounds like something ****** up in the installation process even though everything seemed to go smoothly for me. So do I have to re-install or what?
Yeah, you should reinstall Logic. It's a very wellknown thing that the Logic installer is of no good quality at all. Once there seem to be even the smallest DVD reading problems, instead of retrying to "grab" the files, the installer simply continues without notice.
Make sure to keep the files you already installed, so chances are that the installer will add the missing ones.

Really, I have seen a LOT of machines running Logic 8 with a LOT of missing content. All I can say is that I haven't seen such a bad installer for a commercial product anywhere else so far (and all previous Logic installers worked a lot better, too).

- Sascha
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