Logic Pro 7 & earlier EXS and "one shot" mode

Hi folks,

In Logic 7 when I create a new EXS instrument via the "Load multiple samples" command, all the voices get the "one shot" play mode checked. Cool for drums but not at all when you need to use your envelope's release.

If it was, say, 32 samples I have to manually open each voice for edit and uncheck it 32 times.

Is there any way to get rid of the "one shot" mode globally or some workaround ??


Hmm... Works different here (7.2.3. on 10.5.7). While I can "view all" from the view menu, then "select all" but uchecking one (when all are selected) doesn't do the trick....

... aaah, I have to uncheck with the *option* key ))

Nevertheless, thank Valis, thanx Pete - problem solved.