Logic Pro 8 EXS cuts off notes while using sampletekk TBO


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I use the sampletekk TBO (sampled steinway piano) which splits the samples among three instances of EXS24 (pedal up, pedal down and release samples). I use each of these instances with 64 voices. I found, that anytime I reach up to about 50 or more voices of an instance, the EXS seems to cut off about 30 of these voicees some seconds after they have been played. So the voice count in the EXS goes down from say 54 to 26 resulting of course in some crackling noise. This does not happen as long as I stay below 30 something voices. Anybody heard of that before?

One other thing: I kept looking for the archives from the yahoo group. Where can I find them?

Thanks for your help!

Streaming problem....

-make sure you have the sample files on the quickest drive you got, possibly an internal one (i.e. not Firewire or USB)

-check for fragmentation problems on that drive (iDefrag is fine)

-tweak the virtual memory settings for the EXS24 and see if it improves


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