Logic Pro 9 EXS Editor question


Is there are way to select, copy and paste groups in the EXS editor which have "select group by" parameters used for purposes such as round-robins or key switches?

What I am finding is I can select a group from one EXS instrument, and do a copy command. When pasting this data into a new or different existing instrument I lose all my "select by group" parameters that were present in the instrument I copied from.

This is most inconvenient - any way to get this done with having to enter those parameters manually after doing the paste into the new instrument?

Dennis @ Bolder


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Great question Dennis! I say that because I'd actually love to know how to do this as well since either losing the data that needs to be copied... or having it not end up in the same format isn't very productive.
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EXS Editor

I think it will be better in the next Logic-version (Logic X?), because Apple bought Redmatica. An italian based company which provides different tools for creating and editing exs-files.

The actual version of EXS is still the same as 6 years ago and a really pain to work with it (actually I use Kontakt form Native Instruments).
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