Logic Pro 9 EXS program menu veeeeery slow since update.


Ever since I updated to 9.3.1 it takes forever to load an exs program.
Whenever I place the marker on "an arrow" (a name which hides a list )like "Factory" it takes a number of seconds for it to open the list .
I never had this problem in the previous logic updates.
Does anyone know what this is all about and if there is something that I can do about it?

Also, could someone please tell me if there is something I can do with regads to where samples and programs are situated oin the hard drive to speed things up? I may even have doubles of programs without me knowing it...=/ How go get rid of that crap easily?

SOOO happy for any help I can get.

Redmatica makes a program called Promanager that will relink EXS libraries, ten they will load much faster.

I'm not 100% sure that will resolve your issue (since I have never experienced the symptoms on my system that you describe), but it should make a difference.

One thing: have you deleted your Logic Pro preferences and rebuilt them? that might fix the issue as well.
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ProManager will not resolve this problem.

He's talking about the time it takes for the menu to pop open to be able to select and load an instrument in the first place.

What I do is to use the Library to the right of the arrange window (click the Media button and then select Library). It's faster to navigate and you don't have to hold down the mouse.

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