Logic Pro 9 EXS question

When I have created a sampler patch, say by using the convert audio to sampler function., what is my easiest way to store this as a patch that I can load up in other sessions and not lose track of the samples...The only way I've been able to find this is to hit edit to go to the instrument editor and then choose Export Instrument and samples.

Thanks again.

Easy... when you are done your session, make sure the "copy exs instruments into project folder" and ""copy exs samples into project folder".

Now your song folder contains all the components of the song... you can also save ultrabeat samples, Space designer IR's, and movies (if you do film or TV work).
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Thanks George...Thats cool, but I dont want it to save every EXS setting and sampleset again for each song. I would rather have my sampler library of all of my sounds, on my sampler/sounds drive so I can use it whenever I want.

The other function is great if I am to share my session with someone else.

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