Logic Pro 9 EXS Sampler Menu

In the menu of the EXS Sampler there are 3 items created when I tried to modify an instrument called "External" with one sampler instrument in each one. These instruments do not work at all. I would like to remove or delete these 3 items from the menu, but I cannot find them anywhere. Can anyone tell how to delete or remove these items called "External" from the menu in the EXS Sampler window. This menu comes up when you click on the instrument name.

Thanks so much!


There are two Library folders on your computer, one at the top level of your boot disk, and one inside your username folder. In *both* of these, look in Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments and you'll find all the items that show up in that menu. If you don't find the offending "External" instruments in one, they'll be in the other one, and you can delete them from there.
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