Logic Pro 9 EXS24 GUI Make Over.


Bad TV commercial: "Tired of waiting for Logic X? Freshen up your EXS24 now!" :D

I love the functionality of the EXS24 but always felt it needed to be refreshed...

Check out the attachment to see what my EXS24 looks like these days.

I recently stumbled upon these EXS24 themes: http://www.speedupmydaw.com/index.php/daw-tools/ub-noizflow/exs-themes

Some may think it's silly, but on-screen visual appeal does influence my creative spirit...


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That was my favorite of the skins on the site. However, I'm always in the "no mess" mode with Logic's graphics. Don't want any new wrinkles added. Let me know if you run into any issues.
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I completely understand "no mess" mode. It's always a matter of "user proceed with caution." :stpp:

But I'm really hopin' that Apple adds more GUI customization options in the next big release.

As I remember, VST 3.0.2 (back in '98) had features to colorize the arrange window. Some version of SX introduced color sliders into the Preferences.
Reaper has Themes. DP introduced Themes in some revision of v7.

Not complaining;), but Logic user's either have to DIY, or use what's available from Edgar, Amplidood, Tangra, etc.

Being objective, I can't say that the eye candy helps me to make better music. It just puts me in a better mood. :mad::D
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... Let me know if you run into any issues.

Just for the record, no issues with this EXS 24 skin. Also never had performance problems with any GUI mod I tested except that installing a Logic update or upgrade would wipe 'em out. Dupes of my favorite mods are
of course ready to be reinstalled. ;)
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Good to hear...some day I'll suck it up and try something like that. Hey, I haven't even upgraded to Lion and now the talk is Mountain Lion! Guess I'd better get with it....
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The recent sneak-preview of Mountain Lion was a surprise. The only thing that excites me about it is that maybe the next version of Logic will come out soon afterwards...

Then again, 10.6.8/L9 was extremely stable, and 10.6.8 could run certain legacy apps like Appleworks 6 when needed. (Of course most important stuff made with AW has been future-proofed.) A strong case can be made to stick with 10.6.8 for some time to come.

Mountain Lion raises questions about whether my Mac Pro 1,1 will be able to run it. Right now it's running 10.7.3 without any issues.

And the (upgrade) beat goes on...
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Indeed the beat does go on. I have nothing against updates - I usually grab onto them pretty quick. I just found absolutely nothing compelling about Lion to make me want to change, at least in any rush. I will soon, and I will probably initially hold out on Mountain Lion (let the bugs get worked out), unless it is an update that gives Logic a boost.
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