Logic Pro 9 EXS24 instrument editor displaying the wrong instrument names


A strange problem I've not noticed until today...

When I open the EXS24 instrument editor, the name displayed in the bar at the top is incorrect. For example, the Factory instrument 'Gospel Ensemble' shows as Instrument #6790, and the Kirk Hunter Emerald instrument 04 tps_k shows as 24Vns_Marc_ModVibBigSwell. Gregorian Ensemble shows as Gregorian Choir.

This seems to be a Logic 9 issue as I've tried it in Logic 8 and all the names are displaying correctly. I've also confirmed that the file names on disc are correct, and have done a disc and permissions repair.

Has anybody else come across this?

Hi Chris,

Yes - I can confirm this odd behaviour. It seems to happen mainly with Factory and Garageband instruments. All my VSL instruments come up with the correct names.

You should file a bug report about this.

Regards - Colin
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Hi Colin,

Thanks for confirming that - I'll file a bug report. Yes, it does seem to be mostly the factory and GB instruments as my Symphony of Voices and Advanced Orchestra instruments are all fine.

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