Logic Pro 9 EXS24 mkII and program/sample folders

Karsten Chikuri

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Hello folks,

I am sure this is a neophyte question, but I haven't
been able to find an answer to this question so far..

I'm using Logic Pro 9 (with current updates) on a MacBook Pro. Right now -
I'm using it mainly as a virtual instrument host, for my EWI work.

I also have a Lacie firewire external hard drive.

I would like to have all my samples and sample-based patches stored on the
external drive rather than the Mac's internal hard drive. There are two
reasons for this - 1) Performance, and 2) It would allow me to better store
and organize these files. The internal hard drive is 500GB while the
external is a 1TB drive.

Is it as simple as just moving the folders over to the hard drive? I poked
around in Logic and EXS24, and couldn't find an option where you can specify
where the instrument and sample folders are or how to assign them to a new folder/drive.

Could you please enlighten me? Thanks!


Karsten J. Chikuri
3rd party instrument files (.exs) should be in the Sample Instrument folder in this location:

Users/Yourname/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments

but the samples themselves can be anywhere, the instruments should "find" them. They may need a little help (e.g. from Redmatica EXSmanager) but once they have found them, they know where they are and won't take so long next time.
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Thanks, Pete, for the answer to my question.

You mentioned 3rd party instruments.... How about Logic's Factory Samples? If I use EXSmanager (I actually went whole-hog and got the Compendium Pro bundle), can I move the factory samples over to the external hard drive and leave the .exs (instrument) files on the primary drive? I know it really shouldn't matter, seeing that the sample files are relatively small... but, it would be nice to have all my samples in one place.

Thanks again!
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Yes, you can move the factory samples also. IMO The factory .exs instruments are best left in the system/library/etc.

That way if any Logic updates also update any of them they will get updated (I think).

EXS manager will link everything nicely.
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As Pete said, put the actual samples anywhere, if you like (it helps when the drive is indexed - but that should be the case for anything Mac formatted, doesn't always work with Fat32) but better keep the instrument files (.exs) at their default location, unless you want to deal with aliases or symbolic links (I do, at least on my main music machine, but that's solely because I'm a nerd, seriously).

- Sascha
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Thank you, Sascha for your reply... You and Pete are of great help! I really appreciate your willingness to help out the newbie! :)

What you said is exactly what I was hoping to find.... the samples (the audio samples themselves) can take up a lot of hard drive space - and having them on an external drive is a much easier way to handle things, at least in my case....

Thanks again!
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