Logic Pro 8 EXS24: Note off?


Aloha kakou!

I can't seem to find how to enable a 'note off' option in the EXS24 sample player.

Lemme 'splain:

I've created my own drum kit / sample set in EXS 24. The trouble is that the open hihat continues to sound after the closed or pedal hat is triggered. I need to have the open hihat sample stop at event's end to mimic actual hihat action.

Pretty basic and simple... the answer probably is too...

In the EXS instrument editor: Create a new group, and assign the two different zones to it. And then assign the number of voices (polyphony) for that group to 1.
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Thanks, Eli, looks like I got another problem though... it's playing my samples all phased. Dunno what that's about, but I'll check it later.

EDIT: problem solved... thanks.
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