EXS24: One drum per instrument?


Is anyone using the EXS24 with one drum part per sampler instrument? Or is setting up a multi-output instrument more sensible?

I'm a guitar player and like using MIDI drums more than audio Loops but do appreciate the ease of using either in Logic.

UltraBeat is very easy to set up for multi-output, and I have Battery 3.

But I've taken a liking to the general ease of use of the EXS 24. I know how to route the group outputs for a multi out instrument.

So does it make sense to have an EXS 24 instrument for just the kick, just the snare, the toms, etc to customize the Modulation Matrix for each sound???
IMHO, it's basically six of one, half a dozen of the other - wether you have individual parts on unique EXS instruments, or use one but with multiple output routing to unique aux tracks.

There are some subtle pros and cons and it also depends on your workflow. Personally, I like programming up multiple drums at once on different passes. Working on one instrument is easier for this. But, OTOH, you an easily split/demix them by note pitch after the fact - so either way works in this regard.

How do you like to program parts? Do you input one drum at a time? Or do you like to play in multiple parts at once with different fingers? Or do you use step time? Do you like "seeing" all your drums together in one MIDI editor when editing? In this case, the one instrument method is best.

If you really need unique modulation matrix routings for individual sounds, then yeah - you definitely should go the route of multiple EXS 24 instruments.
I start off simple, using an Apple Loop or SMF that fits the mood of my (usually, rock/pop) song. Sometimes I'll cycle record basic drum parts using my MIDI guitar controller. And I recently got up to speed using the Hyper Editor to program drum patterns. So a single EXS 24 instrument makes sense here.

It during the production phase that multi-outputs come into play with UB or Battery 3. But at this point I'm just starting to explore options with the EXS 24 and was curious what others do.

I have various folders of drum hit samples that could be assembled into any number of kits. Not being sure of what mix of sounds I want for the fully assembled kit(s) my thinking was to create single drum hit instruments for each demixed track and have the option for custom modulation matrix settings.

I used to like having all drum parts on separate tracks. Then, while learning Logic, I sort of found myself using a single MIDI drum track for all parts, routed to a multi-output instrument. So I go back and forth on single versus separate MIDI tracks and wanted to hear pro and con if any regarding EXS 24 set ups.

So it looks like I can't go wrong whichever option is chosen. I love the open-ended options available in Logic. :D

I agree with Eli that the main reason for using one single EXS24 instance for each drum sound has to do with automation treatment you plan to do with the sampler. And for me those options are very important! I use the filter of the EXS24 a lot, beat-synced LFO "chopper landings", pitch-bend bursts and dynamic changes of release and decay while the beat is going. That's sort of essential if you want to "make electronic music" as opposed to using electronics to imply "a musical performance being recorded".
I agree with Eli that the main reason for using one single EXS24 instance for each drum sound has to do with automation treatment you plan to do with the sampler.

Input much appreciated.:D

I'm in the process of creating my own EXS 24 drum library (one drum part instruments) using Redmatica's Keymap which pretty much automates the whole process.

My understanding is that the EXS24 uses only one "engine" in Logic so there's less of a cpu drain than if using a 3rd party multi-output instrument. With ever increasingly more powerful computers, who cares.:thmbup:

But the EXS 24 and it's integration with Logic is still very remarkable.

Yes, the EXS24 is remarkably CPU friendly! I don't know about the number of "engines", but I know it only loads one copy of each sample into RAM even if using a whole bunch of EXS24 instruments that does contain that particular sample.

And for EWI playing, that I do a lot, the EXS24 is just awesome!
:) Thanks for the plug.

wnfrrd 55 - here's the short answer:

* Call up an EXS 24 instance

* Open the EXS editor window

* Create a new instrument

* Create a new zone and load a sample into the zone

* Set the zone parameters for the key and velocity range that you want

* Create another zone and load another sample

* Set the key and velocity ranges on the new zone to match the original zone's parameters

* Save your instrument.

You're done.