Logic Pro 9 EXS24 patch not playing the actual sound


I have a EXS24 patch with 4 Drum sounds in it. When I load this patch in Logic it has the sound names with exclamation sign out to the right of it. Is there a reason this patch will not work. I can see the actually wav files in the folder but when I load it in logic 9 it plays a organ sound oppose to the drum patch. Thanks in advance.
If you get the exclamation mark, it means the ESX24 instrument file has not found the correct samples. There are a few of the factory instruments that do this.

When you open the instrument in a new song, do you get an alert saying "xxxx audio file not found" ? If so, take a snapshot of the alert and then you need to fix the instrument by locating the correct samples and then re-save it.

You can also get the excellent app called EXS Manager from Redmatica:

This is a must for anyone with large sample libraries.
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