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Got quite a basic EXS24 question.

To clarify, plugin settings on the EXS24 are changes to a sampler instrument, non-destructive changes that alter the sound of the sampler instrument?

On page 246 of the instruments manual - Differences Between EXS24 Sampler Instruments and Settings. I'm confused about plug-in settings, as on page 247, it goes on to say that you can delete the settings from the sampler instrument (by pressing option and then delete settings from... etc). I've tried this by following the two points in the example, and the settings stay the same after I press delete? The correct result would yield a sampler instrument, with no adjustments and zero parameters?

Plug-in settings are discrete from sampler instruments it says. Though if I changed a few settings (LFOs, pitch, that kind of thing) on one of the factory sampler instruments would I save it as a new sampler instrument or a new plugin setting? Wouldn't it be easier just to save a new sampler instrument rather then a plugin setting

Its the correlation between the two and how to incorporate plugin settings , I found the manual on this section quite a bit sparse. I get this is kinda simple, though I'm getting stumped for some reason.

This is a bit of an ambiguous area of the EXS 24 architecture. The problem is partly in the nomenclature. EXS 24 plug-in settings and EXS 24 instrument settings are two separate things.

EXS 24 instrument settings are the state of all the controls and sliders on the front panel of the plug-in. They can be altered and then saved from the drop down Options menu directly on the plug-in interface. So, if for example, you find you want a longer release, or shorter attack, etc to be stored with the instrument so that it is called up that way every time you call up the instrument, you would use the Options menu on the front panel for that.

If you "delete" the settings, they don't all return to zero values. There are defaults they revert to. For example there is a modulation matrix routing for a modulation wheel that is part of the default. And even f you customized the settings and then chose "delete", they would only revert back to the default state the next time you instantiate the instrument.

EXS Plug-In settings are a different thing. Like plug-in settings for all other plug-ins, they are called up and managed from the main plug-in menu at the top of the interface. They are part of Logic's plug-in architecture, but don't really "fit" well with the EXS 24 architecture. They are an anachronism and redundant (IMHO). I don't find they serve any really useful function. They call up an instrument and it's front panel interface settings.

So, if for example you have a nice synth loaded in and you want to save it in different variations with different front panel settings (filter, LFOs, etc) you could use the plug-in settings for that. But I say it's redundant, because you can just as easily create additional EXS instruments with the different front panel settings and call them up as different instruments. It pretty much amounts to the same thing. Two different ways of accomplishing the same goal.

Anyway, that's the way I see it. I'd be curious if any other users have a different take on things. Maybe I'm missing some hidden functionality?
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FWIW, I thought this might be of some interest. There is a free 30 day special offer over at Music Tech/Groove 3, with plenty of video tutorials for Logic (and others), including a nice one called EXS24 in Action. I don't know if it'll answer your question as I have yet to watch this particular one, but you might want to give it a try.:)

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Eli, thanks for the detailed reply, very clear and concise, cleared it up for me.

It's most appreciated.

Rain, I'll check those out.

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