exs24 replacement - recommendations

i posted a thread here a few weeks ago about some problems i'd had with the exs24 (called "exs24 problems and questions"). unfortunately i didn't find a solution, so instead i've decided i should probably find a replacement for it.
so, my question is, can anybody recommend me a replacement for the exs24? preferably one that is very similar, so i won't have to spend too much time getting to know it...

thanks a lot!


They're all a little bit different. Kontakt is the ultimate software sampler around IMHO. It's got everything you will possibly ever need packed in to it. But at the cost of a very decent size learning curve.
see how much CPU it takes !!! it counts!!! and you can do much more things to a sound sample or a loop through the exs24, check all the parameters you have on the panel you can change the sound completely. check it out


And yeah - FTR, Kontakt takes way more CPU juice than does EXS 24. I am by no means advocating replacing EXS 24 with Kontakt - just answering your question about other software samplers. I agree that EXS 24 is great overall in terms of functionality and great in terms of CPU drain. Kontakt does do things the EXS 24 can't. But you need to ask yourself if you need those features.


Hi Samplehood,

I appreciate, and share, your enthusiasm for the EXS 24. Kontakt can do much more than the EXS 24 is able to though. This doesn't make Kontakt better, it's just that it has more features. FTR, I much prefer the EXS 24. It serves all my needs just fine.

But just to throw a couple of examples on the table: you can set up completely unique modulation and effects routing on a per group basis within an instrument in Kontakt.
about the multis you right in the ex24 everything needs to be done by "code" no nice UI so it's a little hard to find the right parameter for that.